Captain Rocket
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FG16 Game project 3 - Captain Rocket

Captain Rocket

The third and last game project during my education at Futuregames.

My role in the project was mainly creating both unique and modular assets and assembling the modular sets used in the game, making sure that pieces created by myself and other members of my team would be able to be combined in a easy and manageable way.

It’s a beautiful summer’s day in 1939 at the New York World Fair, “The World of Tomorrow”. Due to the recent boom in robotic technology, now is the time to reveal the brand new generation of robots to the public eye for the very first time. But as the demonstration starts, something goes horribly wrong, as the robots turns their tools on everything - and everyone - they see.

So, strap on your jetpack, load up your guns, and get ready to soar into The World of Tomorrow!