Flintlock Pistol
Axel loreman rightside

White Studio Light

Axel loreman leftside
Axel loreman closeup
Axel loreman berlinright

Lighting variation 1

Axel loreman berlingrip
Axel loreman forestright

Lighting variation 2

Axel loreman forestgrip
Flintlock Pistol

The purpose of the project was mainly to try out a few new texturing ideas/metods and approaching the rendering a bit different.
Maya and Zbrush was used for modelling, Substance painter for texturing and Marmoset toolbag for baking and rendering.

Tris 5.2k
Textures are in 2k

More artwork
Axel loreman axel loreman greenfrontleftAxel loreman axel loreman gascansolov2Axel loreman axel loreman right angled