Axel loreman throneroomfullshot
Axel loreman throneroomfullshotlight
Axel loreman thronecloseup
Axel loreman thronecloseuplight
Axel loreman largeprops
Axel loreman mediumprops
Axel loreman smallprops

I made this little environment based on a concept by Michael Lim.

I started working on this scene a long time ago but it got put on the shelf due to multiple reasons. I recently came to think about it when I had some spare time and decided that I would finish it up without putting to much time into it so I can focus on some other ideas I have had lately.

All in all I am pretty happy with the result relative to the time invested. There are a few assets that I could pour some more time into for that extra flare and the lighting could definetly be refined.

More artwork
Axel loreman rorstemcorridor2